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This blog is intended for who wants to get Myanmar Guitar Chords via online.  All the chords are collected by myself from forums like myanmarcupid.net, mmcybermedia.com, etc.., and other websites or blogs. Credit will be shown at the bottom of each post (if applicable). If you want to contribute guitar chords, please do not hesitate, just drop me an email ‘saveegg@gmail.com’.  Really appreciated to all contributors.

Thanks! =)

  1. Luukyan says:

    ထူးအိမ္သင္ သီခ်င္းစာသားေလးမ်ားလည္း တင္ေပးပါေနာ္

  2. saveegg says:

    Hi Luukyan,

    Uploaded “Htoo eain thin” books that i have.


  3. aungsanhtay says:


  4. Hitch says:

    pls r zarni’s “Kyunt pue tal kyunt loat tal” tin pay par kin byar

  5. Hitch says:

    I mean the guitar chords

  6. sane latt lin says:

    eain chit သိီခ်င္းေလးေတြတင္ေပးပါအုန္း

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